Day 24

Day 24

by | March 14, 2018

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  1. Sage Magdalene

    (Click on this collage in the central column to enlarge.)

    Even as I contemplate the conversation at the top of the stairs, a massive room in the basement opens up. I have never given myself so much permission to expand in Collage World. Is this the lower level of the little house (hey, it just occurred to me that could be Mouse’s house!)? Is the money pouring into construction of a new wing?

    I notice that it feels like the right moment to ask what’s beyond the portal where the little boy stands above the bat wing in Mailbox World. Maybe another collage is in the making as I become ready to see through that doorway. We can assume he is only going toward more blessings…

    What strikes me as I wander through this extravagant world (representing my psyche? a different multiverse?) is the delicious existence and potential of stories within (often quirky) relationships of beings and spaces. This world is filled with conversations, each one a developing story. Each new image changes the story. I’m very excited about it. Do I dare to allow myself to hear and feel the stories of self-blessing?

    What are those bats in the mailbox saying? What is their relationship with the woman and the pearls? How did they get into the mailbox? Did someone send them like a letter? Who sent them to whom? From where?

    Who is in the basket carried by Dinosaur Balloon? What are they feeling as Pterodactyl shows up? What does Collage World look like to them as they sail above?

    What are the questions your collage world evokes in you? How might you open to responses?

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