Rabbit Hole Blessings Festival

Dear Kith and Kin,

This is a sort of crowd funding project that seeks blessings rather than money.

I will be in the desert inviting deep conversation with Mystery November 18 (new moon) to December 3 (full moon).  During the first part of that journey I will be with Naomi Khan and Jennifer Obbard.  I am requesting a specific type of support during that time and  I am deeply thankful to any of you who are willing to participate.

I have been seeing in my inner vision a complex network of invisible tunnels or rabbit holes that connect many different worlds.  These worlds include Upper World, Under World, Dream Time, Multiverses, Deep Imagination, Memory, Other Galaxies, Future Beings, Bardos, Faery, Alice’s Wonderland and many more.
During my desert visioning time I will be in a state of consciousness that may be considered an Other World.  Let’s call it the Underworld, the World beneath this Daily World.  There I will be linking into the vast web of portals between worlds.