Final Day

Tomorrow is the New Moon.  Since I began my Bless Me 2 Collage on the last new moon, today I completed my cumulative collage.  Your collages are 1/2 done since you started on the full moon.  For the last day I added several images:  window behind dinosaur balloon (I can never have too many portals), tree passageway from the mailbox world into the little boy’s portal, kayaker plunging in from the left, and 3 images in the basement ballroom:  2 square dance kids, big cat dragging early human, and early human woman with child.

I am experiencing the making of my collages as a self-blessing and I find gazing at them also to be a self-blessing.  They seem to carry the energy of blessing.  I’d like to spend the next lunar cycle (new moon to new moon) exploring embodiment of the collages I made this cycle.  It is one thing to receive the collage through my senses and it is something else to express the collages through my body.  Will it be a blessing for self and others to do this?

Today during my demon feeding session the Ally that came was my Cumulative Self-blessing collage itself.  So I made a collage for the collage (kinda crazy, I know).  It is a sort of focusing of my energetic experience of the cumulative collage.  Here it is.

I’ll probably write more about embodiment in coming days as I begin to practice.  You might consider how you would embody the beings in your collage and the whole collage world that’s emerging as you self-bless.  Have you had any experience yet of feeling/expressing the collage beings through your own body?

And maybe I’ll start a new cumulative collage soon, but I don’t know the topic yet…