Day 23

Day 23

by | March 13, 2018

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  1. Sage Magdalene

    I wonder what Pterodactyl is saying to Dinosaur Balloon and Stone Goddess on the Stairs. I want to listen in on the conversation and I want to feel each of them in relationship.
    This week I was in the audience listening as Terry Tempest Williams was interviewed by 5 high school students from the Santa Fe Waldorf School. I was inspired by the deep interest Terry showed for each student; her respect for them was palpable. And the young ones’ questions and responses were filled with such sincerity and concern for our world.
    Also, I have been practicing twice weekly with Holly Maiz for an event in August. With Holly I experience the profound blessing of witnessing and being witnessed. This is offering attention with such receptivity that conscious awareness finds a new level of engagement in the body.
    Thank you for witnessing and allowing me to witness you in this inquiry into self-blessing. I feel us entering a different phase today.
    Love and curiosity,

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