Equinox – Through the Sky Window

Hello Wildish Ones,

Let’s all take a few extra moments when we upload a collage and write a couple lines of commentary about our own experience of Self-blessing.  Just to spice up our sharing and increase intimacy.

This post will probably be about the same as the document I emailed today.

Quote from Kathe Izzo:

The Equinox always occurs on
the very first degree of the Zodiac:
0 degrees Aries.

It is the turning point,
when we move from
the wide open sea of mystery
& transpersonal consciousness
that is Pisces
into the kernel seed energy (birth)
of the individual that is Aries.

The ultimate cusp of light & dark,
death & rebirth.

You do not need to understand Astrology,
to see this ~
that on this day of opening,
on this day of planting seeds,
on this day when darkness looms
like a shadow behind us . .
on this day,
when for a moment,
perhaps more than usual,
we can rest in balance
& get some insight . . .

There is a wild gap,
where we are neither alive
nor dead,
but free.

How can we make more room to be free?

….. Kathe Izzo

 I thought my Bless Me 2 collage was complete after one lunar cycle – New Moon Feb to New Moon March.  However, I cannot resist a doorway, window, or other portal, so I made a collage straddling the equinox moment of 10:15 a.m. here in New Mexico.  It shows what lies beyond that window in the sky to the left of Dinosaur Balloon (see below).

The view through that window came quickly, and immediately resonates strongly in my body.  It actually makes me a bit dizzy when viewed from a distance.  (See image at top of this post.)

When I added it to the whole Bless Me 2 collage it looks like this:

Yesterday while walking with the dogs along the river, I was wondering about next steps for me in Self-blessing, especially for this 2nd half of our Bless Me 2 lunar cycle (full moon to new moon).  I did some demon-god feeding work with this question and the Ally who came was the knight Parzival. After some conversation he asked me to bless him.  In that gesture I felt the flow of self-blessing while blessing another.  While this is not surprising (perhaps all of us in Bless Me 2 have been contemplating or experiencing this flow), it did stimulate ideas.

Here’s the collage I made for Parzival.  Gage  and Bear Heart, you’ll recognize some of the beings there.

Gabriel, who is one of our Bless Me 2 group members participating Hermit style, asked me the other day to pray for her while she is in 12 days of solo ceremony (March 17 – 29) including 4 days of fasting.  I said I would send prayers through the rabbit hole.  I am going to do a daily rabbit hole session in which I ask the beings of my collage and the beings near my rabbit hole to bless me by passing into my body, merging with me, and then supporting the blessing of Gabriel (and others in the other-under world).  Those of you who participated in the Rabbit Hole Blessing Festival will recall the feeling of sending blessings to the otherworld through your rabbit hole portal with the participation of other beings.  (If you weren’t involved with the RHBF, you can read about it here:  http://sagemagdalene.com/rabbithole/ )  In this way I will take several steps at once:

  • Self-bless
  • Embody Bless Me 2 collage imagery
  • Bless Underworld & Gabriel & others including all of you
  • Be in relationship with my local community of plants, animals, waters, air, sun, etc.
  • Work with my Ally collage imagery
  • Bless the being in my collage worlds

I would love it if you all joined me in this process from your rabbit holes.

Here are Gabriel’s recent collages to connect you more with her.  And once we get rolling with rabbit hole blessings, there’s no reason to stop with Gabriel.

Blessings of balance,