by | March 15, 2018


  1. HL

    A poem was given to me when I inserted the Milky Way image. I offer it to you, translated (rather roughly)from French…

    What a miracle it is that Milky Way
    A world is opening for me
    For the first time it seems
    I see her arms around us
    Like a mother, really
    How could I ever have felt so separate?
    Tell me, you who contains all of me
    With my rivers of tears
    Which no doubt form the oceans
    What should I do now that I know?
    How do I continue pretending
    Feeling as an imposter
    As I look outside, from the inside
    Failing to recognize instantly
    The others, who have also forgotten
    I want to say, thank you, for your precious reminders
    A star, a blade of grass, a touch
    Often without notice
    Worthy of the Gods, open my heart
    And offer me, even if only for a moment,
    The passage to Eternity

  2. Sage Magdalene

    I like the play of inside and outside. In Collage World Mother Milky Way is at the center of all the smaller beings. Yet we are all within Her. Dig it. Thank you for sharing the poem, Ocotillo.

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